Fill out the contact information and tell us a little about your project, or contact us to schedule a convenient time for a walk-thru. With the information gathered after looking at the property we determine which specialty contractor is best suited for your project.

We then provide you with a PROPOSAL, or "bid", which is an offer to do work. It is advisable to get at least three written bids using identical plans and specifications so you can compare prices and contractors.

While reviewing bids from different contractors it is important to consider certain factors. *See CHOOSING A CONTRACTOR*

If you accept the proposal, a CONTRACT is written and work begins on your project. During the course of the project, you may order changes in the work (additions and deletions). A CHANGE ORDER is created and is added to the contract.


In most cases you will be living in your home while work is being done on it. You should be aware of the many inconveniences that may occur. Exterior walls may be taken down, water and/or power shut off, or bathroom and kitchen facilities temporarily disconnected. Dust and debris might also damage your furniture or other personal possessions. Before work begins, ask your contractor what inconveniences will occur, then plan for them. That way, both you and your contractor can avoid conflicts as the job progresses.